Woman Speaks to Every Guy who Approaches her for 2 Weeks

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I got inside and slammed the door shut. Every woman has encountered a creep like him before. Thankfully, I've noticed that the older I get, the less perverts I attract. Between the ages of 14 and 18, I was a creep magnet. People would ask me to go to their hotel with them or mime cunnilingus with their fingers while staring at me. To mortify me further, they would even do it while I was with my mom. There must be something about the fragility of teenagers that gets these guys off.

:giggle: :lol:

Funny how "creepy guy" is code word for unattractive guy who I wasnt interested in.

He seemed normal enough, but when I told him my age the conversation went into a tailspin.

"What? You're 29? I don't believe you," he said, disappointed. It was obvious he was losing interest fast, so I just started firing random questions off in a desperate attempt to revive the conversation.

LMAO this post wall cunt nearly getting rejected by a "creepy guy" for being an old cunt!

The next guy I met was named Yacine. He was an Arab, like the majority of the men who approached me over the course of those two weeks.

LMAO this bitch only getting approached by dirty Arabs

It didn't hurt that Yacine was hot as hell. Caramel skin with long black eyelashes—it looked like he was wearing mascara. His approach was more original than the rest, too. He just walked right up and asked if I'd like to smoke a joint.

I wonder what would've happened if an ugly guy would have asked her to smoke a joint. What are the chances that would've been the 'creepiest' pick up line ever? Amazing how they're able to rationalise their bullshit. By the way, I'm above average looking and have 'hooked' women with the dumbest opening lines ever, and they've pretended they spoke to me because I seemed 'interesting'.

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