Tom Torero Finally got exposed for hiring multiple actresses

Bash the pick-up art community. Challenge the assumptions and techniques used by pick-up art, discredit the effectiveness of pick-up art, expose ripoff products, and reveal secret info of dating gurus.

God dammit when will RSD finally get theres. Well all know they have some phony a shit aswell.

Shit, time to suicide. I was actually hoping that Tom had fucked those JBs and 18 year old cuties off cold approach.

This breaks my heart


FLAYER wrote:Shit, time to suicide. I was actually hoping that Tom had fucked those JBs and 18 year old cuties off cold approach.

This breaks my heart

He lied to you all his life. 37 lays in one year LOL

In the seminar video no one talk about their lay count perhaps no one was getting laid at that time but Tom Torero said 37 lays without any hesitation and then hire multiple actresses to prove his success in front of camera.

Expose him share this video and make a copy of it because Tom Torero will try his best to remove this video like he did last time.

in the video he claims that he was able to bed some married girl...

how did he find out she was married?...did she show up on to their date wearing a wedding ring or something?

would the girl not try the hardest not to reveal this type of information if she wanted to cheat?

makes no sence.

37 women from daygame as an ugly hunchbacked nerd with klinefelter syndrome

m'kay anyone who believes this shit is clearly moronic enough to deserve to be scammed
the only pets you need are teen sex slaves in your basement and the poneys you fuck in the barn


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puascam wrote:Finally Tom Torero, a scam pickup artist got caught hiring multiple actresses which is very shameful
share this video every where.

Updated this video watch it till the end.

Good find, but Tom Torero is not the only one hiring actresses/hookers for those fake infield "pick up" videos, ALL the PUA scammers do it, it's just that Tom Torero didn't cover his tracks and got caught.

Common sense would tell any man with even a quarter of a brain in his head that these PUA videos are staged.
This is what happens whenever I approach women.




Life long member of the escort crew

Arabcel crew

Ethnicel crew

Baldcel crew

Oldcel crew

Gymcel crew

PUA is the biggest pile of bullshit

either looks max or fuck escorts

thats your two choices

Jelqing wrote:PUA is the biggest pile of bullshit

either looks max or fuck escorts

thats your two choices

Amen to that.

Jelqing wrote:PUA is the biggest pile of bullshit

either looks max or fuck escorts

thats your two choices

You could also go to SE Asia or Money max, although money max you'd need 250k or more since women don't need a mans resources like they did pre-feminism.

Correctly interpreting female behavior is a PUA technique as well, one most men don't do very well, nor do they know how to react to what women do.

One guy got a three-year relationship with a woman because I taught him to recognize a "shit test" and told him to ignore a woman who had stood him up. Another I told to stand up a woman who had friendzoned him, and to tell her that he got laid but forgot to call her to cancel. In each case, men used specific information to change the outcome, with absolutely no boost to their looks or other advantages. That is hardly "bullshit." That the internet allowed everyone to steal these ideas is what made them "worthless," not that they lacked intrinsic value.

The reason the PUA community got scammed was that, beginning around 2001, it refused to pay for anything, and those who had anything worth paying for stopped sharing, leaving the market for the scammers.

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