Female sexual frustration

Give special attention to sluts, shower compliments to sluts, and put sluts on the pedestal.

Hinges on the level of man a given female is able to get to commit to her. Women want chads or high status men first, in the same way that men want a playboy model looking woman first. But chads and very high status guys are in very short supply, far more rare than even hot women. So the majority of women, while maybe getting to have flings with them (and I'd say most women don't even attain that) will not be able to get one to commit. First, many of them wouldn't want to commit; they know their options are way too numerous and life is just too good to settle with one woman (at least while young). Chads and very high status guys almost never go through life unaware of the options open to them. The percentage of ones that do decide to commit will do so with the highest calibur women, which are also rare.

So the rest of the women have to move down notches until they get what their league allows. The next step down is upper middle class average looking guys, then average guys altogether. Then whatever comes after that if that's not possible; this often leads to bitter women. This is likely why below average looking women have a chip on their shoulder with below average looking men: settling with one reminds them they didn't make the cut for something better.

So when guys here say "I'm a 5/10 guy and can't get laid and a 5/10 women is getting laid!", well... you're assuming that your wants and needs would be interpreted in the same way by a different person. You see that woman may be getting more sex than you, but she's still not getting what she really wants. So in a way, she's going through just about the same as you are.

The real winners in the sexual market are the attractive, male OR female. Don't blame women for your inceldom. They're just going by their biology and because chads go by theirs too, most women are not good enough for a chad's committment.


I should also point out that women are on a race against the clock that while exists, is not near as pronounced for men. That pretty young 18 yr old thang is likely going to look significantly less hot in 6 years, unless she has elite aging genetics.

Привет дамы и господа!


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