just lulz at you guys who look down on "sluts"

Give special attention to sluts, shower compliments to sluts, and put sluts on the pedestal.

for being attention whores, for their nonstop texting, for being addicted to social media, for being narcissistic, etc.

Like your pathetic, narcissistic asses are ANY different or ANY better or ANY more complex or ANY deeper. What's that you say? "but but but I don't even own a cell phone....but but b ut I don't even have a facebook profile....but but but....I am not narcissistic...."

lol just SHUT THE FUCK UP. you aren't attention whores, eh?!! ummm yeaaaah..that is why you spend every single second of your worthless autistic cowardly slave lives posting about YOURSELVES...and YOUR FUCKING PROBLEMS OOH BOO-HOO and how LIFE IS SO FUCKED UP AND UNFAIR TOWARD YOU AND ABOUT HOW THE WORLD IS SOOOO FUCKED UP AND UNFAIR AND HARSH TO YOU...AND ABOUT HOW MOMMY AND DADDY DIDN'T LOVE YOU AND REALLY SCREWED YOU OVER BY NOT BUYING YOU A CELLPHONE WHEN YOU WERE YOUNGER BLAH BLAH BLAH.....Go create another thread about yourselves, retards, then tell yourselves that you aren't nearly as "narcissistic" as those mean old selfie-taking whores who won't suck your cocks.

what's that you say? you aren't addicted to social media sites? you aren't even on facebook or instagram or twitter? FUCK YOU, that's what I say. Yeah, you MIGHT not be on facebook or instagram or twitter, but you spend your entire fucking life on the internet, communicating with a bunch of random retards on pathetic sites like sluthate. just lulz at any of you who make fun of whores for being "addicted" to facebook or instagram or twitter when you are addicted to this fucking bullshit site/message board.

NEWSFLASH RETARDS....YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT AND NO BETTER AND NO MORE COMPLEX AND NO LESS HOLLOW AND NO LESS NARCISSISTIC AND NO LESS STARVED FOR ATTENTION THAN THE SELFIE-TAKING WHORES YOU HATE!! the only difference is at least they have lives and are having fun and getting laid, while your worthless asses on logging onto sluthate or the 19,93883833203012030th time in the past 24 hours to bitch about your lives again or to read OmegaTrollRetard's latest thread.

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