Is all rationalization for females white knighting, IYO?

Give special attention to sluts, shower compliments to sluts, and put sluts on the pedestal.

I've had my posts sent to the white knighting section, even been temporarily banned from here, for saying that women are only going by their own genetic programming to want the best males and that not doing so in the past meant possibly starving to death... an evolutionary reality.

I don't understand how that is white knighting, it doesn't matter how much a problem you have with a group, they still have their own interests, and they're going to pursue them. It's normal for guys to be upset over the upper hand women have today but it's as if they want women to throw their interests to the wind and grovel at incels' feet. That's not reality.

I've mentioned tons of times how you should treat no woman other than the ones in your family as special, not chase them but try to get appealing enough so they chase you, never pay much for them, and never give your emotions to them, while incels here say

"Ohhhh I just wanna fall in lovveeeeee with my looks match... sighhh i want loveeeeeee"

And somehow I am the WK...

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