Not gonna lie, irl I can only tolerate Chads

Give special attention to sluts, shower compliments to sluts, and put sluts on the pedestal.

inb4 faggotry, although I guess I kind of am nuthugging.

I'm serious tho, chads are like the only people I encounter irl who don't elicit a retch-like response from me. Its like they don't judge you at all. A few Chads who I work with even say that they don't give a shit about what someone looks like or their life they judge based on what you say and do. I even told one I was nearly 40 and still a virgin and he was like "that sucks, hope you get laid soon I might be able to hook you up." I can tell he wasn't lying cuz his eyes didn't move at all when I told him this. Anyone else would have had the same response but their eyes would have been going everywhere trying to find something to say that isn't a diss. Its funny, its like I just feel comfortable around them naturally. Anyone else experience this phenomenon? I really wish more people could act like chads.

I Chad I trust.
Chad nuthugger crew
Raped as a child and accused of rape as an adult
Anti-Autist crew
35+, 8 blowjobs but no D in V

Maybe they fear you can bring a gun to the office and mass shoot them.

Anyway, why the fuck do you not go to an escort every day (if oyu can afford the $) ?

Yes, I feel similar.

I respect Chads, yes they have the best life but it's their duty to have the best lives also. Like natural order - and that works and makes sense to me.

What annoys me is when I see an UGLY, low-tier, genetically inferior trash male that has somehow managed to bat above his weight i.e. has a nice gf. It DISGUSTS me when I see this, it is unnatural and I liken the male to a criminal, pure scum. And when I do see it (not often thank god) I pray that a Chad will soon come and sort it out i.e. take away that which does not belong to that male.

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