This website is seriously disgusting

Give special attention to sluts, shower compliments to sluts, and put sluts on the pedestal.

You guys are fucking horrible people, I swear. You literally hate everybody because you're so fucking insecure, all you do is spend on time on this website judging people by their looks and naming women sluts because they're just women. Don't you have a mother or sister? You lack any good personality and manners and so rely on your looks in order to get to women thinking that is the only and right way. Rating guys /10 over something they can't control thinking you're any better, talking about women like they're nothing but sex objects, y'all should be fucking spat on, have respect for your own mother who you probably also consider a 'slut'.

Yes go ahead and say I'm probably a sub1 who can't get laid or anything because that's all your sluthate users are good at but I'm actually married to a 8.5 beautiful blonde and I myself can't even top sub4 with my Italian heritage and height of 5'9". But my kind and respectful personality made me win her, not my looks or physical features.

You people are really sick, get off that computer, stop judging people and be nice. That's how you REALLY get a woman so good.

Actually I'm female and I have a fondness for Italians, that hardly makes you a sub or beta. I think it is a preference thing personally and in no way makes someone inferior. Some men prefer blondes with big blue eyes after all. ;)

Obviously your wife has good taste cause she has found a smart and decent gentlemen who would defend her right to be, since she herself is not here to speak for herself.

The whole problem is simply people being people and weilding their insecurities like throwing knives. Both sides do it easily, it's human in nature.

I'm not exactly sure which side is passive aggressive about it more, but I do know society and culture has used that fuel for its self, and in their wake has left a lot of confused and hateful people.

Some girls like alphas but that never means we would flock to them for long, since those guys eye wander. There are loose women out there who would give it up without trying, they do it to appease the guy or to hook them. It doesn't mean they are the 90% it just means like the alpha they wish to get, that they are lazy or got bad information. The energy it takes to put into making something like a relationship to grow they rather spend it on other pursuits.

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