20yo British Pakistani slut Zarina Masood gets nailed by BWC

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She is fucking sexy. More attractive than my girlfriend by far. I am jealous as fuck. Given the British accent, you could tell that she is quite westernized. In order to get a westernized top-tier light-skinned Punjabi like her into bed, you need to be a white alpha slayer. Life is not fair. You could get yourself a hot top-tier Punjabi escort like her. But she wouldn't love me and worship me in the way that they would an alpha white guy or the way my girlfriend worships me. It is not fair. It's an injustice.

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She is my dream girl too. One of my many dream girls. Beautiful face. Lovely light brown skin tone. Sexy body. Young (20). Nice boobs (32DD), DD cup is nice but I wish the 32 bust was bigger. I've fucked an escort with 36DD before. It's like heaven.

I wish my girlfriend was as hot and young as her. They used condoms in that scene though and he only came on her chin/lips. That's the only let down in the video. I fuck my girl raw and cum all over her face.

I found the occasional South Asian woman hot since my University years. But it never became a fetish until I started having sex with my girlfriend. Now I find girls like in the video incredibly sexy.

Since my girlfriend and I incorporate some racial dirty talk in our love making, I wonder if it would be a good idea to show her this porn video on her laptop while we have sex. Though my gf might be jealous of this girl because she's younger and hotter. :lol:

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