Lol some jealous beta put this drama about me on fb

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This guy statutory rapes 15 yr old girls. Cops let him off. Gets intoxicated and drives without insurance causes an accident almost killing 3 people and gets a slap on the wrist from the cops. He thinks he is a tough guy gangster what a bitch. Crimes so far:
1. Possession and trafficking of controlled substances including minors
2. Uttering threats including death threats
3. Soliciting sex from minors
4. Statutory rape
5. Indecent exposure
6. Driving under the influence and without insurance
7. Tax evasion ie claims he hasn't paid taxes since he was 16
8. Damage to property and vandalism
9. Theft
10. Credit fraud
11. Assault and domestic abuse

He is a sociopathic and narcissistic monster. Who abuses women and animals. And comically enough despite being homophobic is bicurious ie sucked another man's cock. He will use glib and superficial charm to manipulate so he can parasite his way into your life and use you for money(selling you sob stories or promising to pay it all back), sex, and to fuel his own ego and power control fantasies. He is a pathological liar.

Goddamn homie why u sound like a bitch I fucked and dumped lol? Jealous bitches of my slayerdom

You should do this to him.

only works if it's against a taller dude and if you're strong enough. it does wonders tbh.
victim count : 40

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O Gandy lend me your protection from this inferno
Bless me to emerge as one of your dearest infants
Interdict me from drowning in the abyss of darkness
Turn me into Holy light that brings surety to the masses
Shall I duck the catastrophe would be thanks to you

ConcernedBimbo wrote:You should do this to him.

only works if it's against a taller dude and if you're strong enough. it does wonders tbh.

I'm 6 3 homie

PS all of that is true I run dark triad game and well for men and she males who can't resist cock now and again?

He would of had a good point, had he not ruined it with his beta whining about "statutory rape" (reverse euphenism) and "hurts womyn" bs. He ended up sounding like a beta feminist.


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