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Bottom line internet iq tests are bs and are over inflated past 100
Your mom is proud of me. LOL @ your life moron.

LOL at Onalina/Alina_S/Asiancel

When she/he deletes all her posts, you can be sure that within a week she will register a new account

Crazy much?

NSE doesn't even measure IQ or anything near to it. Some items are so bad... Is like they're math items. I don't even think you can use a calculator when getting tested by a psychologist. Bull shit.
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Aesthetics Dr. Lux wrote:Above: You have committed the fallacy of misplaced synecdoche. You are like the man who refers to women as 'tits', as when you visit a sexual assault shelter and ask: "Excuse me, my name is Mvp. Am I allowed treatment here for anal rape, or is this only a shelter for 'tits'?"

Definition of cunt

usually obscene : the female genital organs; also : sexual intercourse with a woman

usually disparaging & obscene : woman 1a

Aesthetics Dr. Lux wrote:Above: mvp, did you delete your post and sign-up as 'Hazard' just so that you can teach me profanity in the English language? To borrow a phrase from Phac: "Take a Test. An IQ Test". Do It.

People hasten to judge in order not to be judged themselves.

Oh, really? Then what made you assume I was stalking you?

the ascension here it seems op= high iq , but means high idiotic quacker
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Aesthetics Dr. Lux wrote:
Fabie wrote:
the ascension here it seems is op= high idiotic quacker slut clubber

What is 'quacker'? I am neither a slut nor one who visits clubs. My home is my personal nightclub with my own music, drink, and entertainment.

quacker= one who quacks = charlatan :lol:


Here are some NSE RAW scores (which some have already seen, but it is for other contestants):

Testee's name Country Score:
Tadayuki Konno Japan 25
Mario Goormachtig Belgium 23
Bernhard Junker Germany 20
Konstantinos Ntalachanis Greece 20
Juan González Liébana Spain 19
James Gordon USA 17
Peter Donald Rodgers Australia 15

Some of them are well known in High-IQ societies.
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I worked on this shit for what 15 hours? More or less but I'm giving up on this shit it's ridiculous.
Got 17 tho but this shit is a math test. Bull shit. Bring me a real IQ test with a sample that has more than 25 people. The norming is pretty much bullshit. It goes with the assumption that high iq range test takers have an iq of 145. This is pretty bullshite BECAUSE it wasn't even been proved! And they barely get even near 1000 people to do a proper statistical analysis... High iq range test is like making portraits for money. You get one, you have fun and you forget it when you done. Cum on guys. This is bullshit. Go see a psy. Worth more than this high iq range bullshite. There is more to iq than just solving your little patterns that require two calculators. I'm done with this bullshit even tho it was me who introduced this shit here, i was blue pilled at the time. My rant is over.
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