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^ Looked that question. Answer to it is circle what has 8 smaller circles around him (all outside). I bet it is.

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FiUsCeKtIaNgGe L6O0L
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Idk what it would be if i put my real age because i said that i input 60. I need to retry with my real age, 200 years old and 1 year old.

145 wtf. Never scored that high. I didn't even understand the NSE one, and other tests gave me headaches just looking at them.
Too easy and not legit.
Average IQ averagecel checking out.
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Rejoice Incels, Lachesism is legit!

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As I see we need raw scores on IQ Test Center test. Because the data you have posted here seems to indicate that this tests age group results are not those what they should be. Bad algorithm or/and shitty statistics what ruin scores.

Bimbo's 186 is still impressive - he must had been chosen the "best" age group (like a lucky gambler pics right number in roulette) and he clearly got all questions right.

I redid the test using age 8. I found it surprising that it only led to 153 taking me to the conclusion that age correction is linear and the final score is time dependent which means you can outscore me if you are faster than me with a lower raw score because I remember seeing a 155 associated with 8 of age. And I'm 100% sure that I have the right answers. I need to look into this.

Tried that just for speed with age 60 got 183 (so probably misclicked something).

I am sure that I got them all right.
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One way to find out is maybe input answer A for every question with same age and compare with different speeds. I'll do that now.

I think there is no difference it doing super fast and fast. But who wants could look into this.

I want to believe it still does destruct from scores in their system. But how much and what are the 'steps' there - we need to test it with at least 3 different time usage (fast, super slow, and moderate).

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