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shit head
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ˆ I take responsibility - I was the first one who mentioned NSE test (but I didn't do it at that time).

About NSE test:
- it is quite heavy in math (and I think this test is definitely doable to very high score if you have high IQ, patience and a calculator)

I see Bimbo solved q30, okay I try it more later.

But what about q4, q9, q12, q24 ? Has anyone solved them? (q4 is nice mind fuck)

Solved q24 at NSE test, feel free to update score table. Raw score 26/30 is calculated as an IQ 168.

Tho 4 more to figure out. :twisted:

Update: Solved question Nr. 30 at NSE test.
Raw score 27/30 (numerical IQ 170).

I was going to do this test last night but I went to sleep instead. I tried this one in the morning as I am getting ready to leave: and it said my IQ is 134 but it seemed easy.

I'll give the numbers one you guys are doing a try as soon as I get the chance. My sleep cycle is fucked from the holidays.
Take the black pill and discover that the rabbit hole leads to an abyss.

Tried that Memorado shit test. Got 134. Then I investigated it little-bit for you - 134 is there maximum score. But this test is only capable showing if you have at least low - average intelligence level. Scores are inflated as expected in trash test.

(Utter shit it should be immediately taken off from HIGH IQ CLUB OF SLUTHATE test list)

Is this what penisless IQ obsessed cunts do?
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