Arguing with a woman might get you shot by the cops

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Israel said a man who family identified as Pierre [the black man] was arguing with a woman. When the deputy responded, Israel said, he was attacked.

You first see that the cop was barging into Pierre's house uninvited and escalating the situation. An argument developed. Then you hear Pierre ask the cop "What did you say?". This means that the cop said something to Pierre, making him angry. And Pierre said "Say it again" to the cop. And the cop then angrily shouts something to Pierre, escalating the situation, making Pierre angry.

And why is the body cam footage blurred? Are they trying to protect the female damsel in distress? Or are the police trying to cover up evidence that the cop provoked the situation? Maybe the cop assaulted Pierre first, making Pierre angry, leading Pierre to retaliate against the cop.

When Pierre attacks the cop, the cop tases Pierre, making Pierre more angry. The cop continued to tase Pierre even though it does not work. Tasing him will only make Pierre more angry.

His family even said "He was a loving, caring person. He loved his family, he loved his kids. This devastating to all of us, and it’s not making sense at all."

Maybe the cop misunderstood Pierre. When Pierre first answers the door, Pierre asked the cop "Why are you here? For me? For you?"

Maybe the cop misheard his words. "For you" sounds a lot like "Fuck you". The cop might have believed that Pierre was swearing at the cop.

He was shot because he resisted arrest and attacked law enforcement. Stupid misleading thread.

red wrote:He was shot because he resisted arrest and attacked law enforcement. Stupid misleading thread.

If the police officer did not escalate the situation by yelling at Pierre and getting aggressive at him, then Pierre might not have attacked the police officer in the first police.

Many people in law enforcement are very biased against men when responding to calls alleging "domestic abuse." E.g.:

Vancouver police apologize for beating, arresting wrong man: Two Vancouver plains clothes police officers were responding to a domestic assault call when they knocked on the door of Yao Wei Wu. Everything went downhill rapidly from there.

Men’s Rights Activists outraged after police kill father after being called because mother hit daughter

The police officer might have been overly aggressive against Pierre. Pierre might have been fighting back against the police officer.

Here is another PROVEN incident where the police was being overly aggressive when arresting a man:

A male and a female police officer was inside their car and shouted at the man walking in front of them "HEY, YOU."

The man walking in front of them is named Parta Huff. Huff apparently did not respond to the police in time. This might not have been intentional. Maybe Huff did not react fast enough. Huff might not have not noticed that the message was being directed at him and not someone else. Huff probably did not know where the message came from because the police were behind him.

The male police officer aggressively walks toward Huff, aggressively shouts to him "stop playing games" and threatens to taze him in two seconds.

Huff becomes angry at the male police officer. I believe that Huff called the male officer a name, in front of the female officer, e.g. Huff might have called the male cop is an "ass."

The female officer then angrily shouted at Huff "YOU ARE THE FUCKING [ASS]."

Huff becomes more angry at the female officer as well. Huff questions why he was being arrested.

Then the female officer shouted "TASE HIM."

The male officer then begins to tase him nonstop.

While Huff was being was tased, Huff becomes much more angry. Huff begins to fight back against the male officer for tasing him. It's a scientific fact that pain makes you feel more angry and aggressive. Even though tasing makes Huff more aggressive, the cops continue to tase him, further escalating the situation.

Huff probably thought that the male and female officer took pleasure from tasing him and they were getting off from tasing him. After all, both cops were very angry at Huff almost the entire time, and the male cop angrily threatened tase him from the very start.

The female officer told the male officer to shoot him.

After she said that, Huff becomes even more angry against the female officer and begins to attack the female instead.

Had the cops not been so verbally and physically aggressive against Huff when they were arresting him, Huff might not have reacted so violently.

Cops are so confrontational and aggressive when handling situations like this. They escalate stuff to the point that they "have" to use deadly force.

Cops rarely deescalate situations peacefully.

The only reason they did not shoot him is because they were afraid of community backlash.

There were 3,000 police-related killings in 2017. This incident might have been one of them.

Every guy with a little bit of brain would know that bullets kill. So he should've had cooperated.

red wrote:Every guy with a little bit of brain would know that bullets kill. So he should've had cooperated.

The guy in the second video DID comply with the police in the beginning. The guy DID stop walking and turned to face the police, but he did not respond fast enough, which made the two police officers extremely angry.

Then the male officer very angrily threatened that he was going to tase him within two seconds EVEN WHEN HE WAS COMPLYING. I don't think anyone could stay calm if a police officer threatened them this way. This escalated further when the female officer very angrily shouted towards the guy "YOU ARE THE FUCKING [ASS]." The guy started to be non-compliant only after the police officers threatened and provoked him. He fought the police only after they started to sadistically tase him nonstop. No one definitely could stay calm when two angry people decide to sadistically tortue you with a taser just because you did not respond fast enough.

This might also be the case for the guy in the first video.

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