Race is probably the worst unchangeable feature of them all.

Anything having to do with race, including the attractiveness of races.

I think being from an inferior race really brings about a lot of insecurity. I wonder if there would be more bliss in the world now if Hitler's Eugenics actually prevailed in the world. Most people are abidingly blue pilled, while they keep quashing what their subconscious tells them. If everyone had height, natural diversity of pretty pigmentation, I wonder if there wouldn't even be a red pilled manosphere.

I really wonder why leftist marxists take the mediocracy dysgenic path. When most of the people who are supporting it, if not white, are genetic junkyards. Shouldn't they be trying to improve the genetic situation so they can nip the source of what made THEM miserable in the bud? I don't think termites have that level of introspection unfortunately.

The very action of ruminating and empathizing with non white filth was what allowed them to get hand outs, equality, etc. But they don't have that ability to empathetically ruminate on the suffering of others, or to think about long term constructivism. Which is what most Waspy whites do not get.

If they could truly explore the inner dwellings of non whites on the average and contrast it with the mental mindset of most pious whites who pushed for the liberal policies, I think they'd be panicking in horror right now for the messy genetic shit yard and toxic waste they've poured into the gene pool for decades.

This is based on your perspective. Someone believes in inferior races, someone doesn't.

Adesh_Mulani wrote:This is based on your perspective. Someone believes in inferior races, someone doesn't.
You're an idiot if you think that there isn't an underlying denominator of an innate system of how mankind measures people's value. And race is a huge component/ parameter in it. So whether people do or don't, it tethers into their mind. The same way that someone may like a breed of dog or not. You almost automatically make an inner opinion and that will affect your perception, judgment, actions around said breed of dog.

That halo effect will dominate and create a subtle or grand atmosphere in that certain person's life. I mean your allegation and proposition of it not mattering is just as stupid as saying that height won't affect your performance in basketball. It will. Or how the length of your fingers will affect your performance playing console video games on a hand held controller, it in some way will.

People put emphasis on exoteric features and attributes rather than esoteric by default because we are a power oriented species. We care more about ability, dominance, glamour and attribute value to those things than inner essence attributes. Sometimes inner essence can matter but usually with mankind and their myopic default judgment of value it's only when it can shift he balance of power that it actually gains attention.

Race is distinct in the external physical aesthetic and that will affect people greatly because they won't look at someone's soul, but their body, genetics, physique. K? What did you tell yourself when you were treated by other people, did you observe how people saw you, did you put together the patterns of what directed their behavior to be what it was? I swear to God, all these people who try to derail people from discerning how mankind really judges people must be retarded, autistic, stupid or Satanical in their delusive deception and blue pill derailment.

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