Why is black/ white miscegenation common if girls want genes

Anything having to do with race, including the attractiveness of races.

I've been in debates with some of the more blue pilled/ insensible/ unaware/ deluded colleagues of mine. Usually they agree with 70-90% of my red pill cynic wisdom. I just don't understand their counterpoint when I argue that girls care about genetics primarily, and they say they don't because white girls get with niggers often. I'm kind of curious about this. INDEED. If Girls ONLY care about genetics why do a lot of hot white chicks go for black guys who look and smell like monkey dung. The ears, noses, lips, and eyes of blacks are similar to gorillas. What in the fuck. Black is the lowest rung on the Race Totem Pole. I don't know why white girls want their kids to hate themselves, and hate them for choosing the black men for their Y chromosome and fucking up their facial features to the extent of getting low incelf esteem.

“I could show fight on natural selection having done and doing more for the progress of civilization than you seem inclined to admit. Remember what risk the nations of Europe ran, not so many centuries ago of being overwhelmed by the Turks, and how ridiculous such an idea now is! The more civilised so-called Caucasian races have beaten the Turkish hollow in the struggle for existence. Looking to the world at no very distant date, what an endless number of the lower races will have been eliminated by the higher civilized races throughout the world.”
― Charles Darwin

It starts as a fuckbuddy thing where the white chick only wants the BBC but she develops real feelings for the guy and they have children
victim count : 40

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Because according to mainstream media blacks are the master race with superior genetics. And women are easy to manipulate through propaganda.
Once you have taken the red pill there is no way back.

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