I registered Two Good Math Domains for $9 each

Things you need to get off your chest other than sluts

Those are good domain names and I'm planning in making math sites.

I will develop software that uses artificial intelligence to solve math problems.

I'm creating a JavaScript equation grapher.

It will handle complex equations and implicit equations correctly. Other equation graphers like desmos.com and mathway.com fail to graph complex equations correctly.

Here is a plot that was painted using my JavaScript equation grapher:

mar.png (341.76 KiB) Viewed 1108 times

Here is a snippet of the algorithm used to draw this:

Code: Select all
for (var y = 0; y < height; y++) {
      yValue = pixel_to_value_y(y);
      for (var x = 0; x < width; x++) {
                       var finalValue = mod(Math.sqrt(xValue*xValue + yValue*yValue) - 7/2 * Math.atan2(yValue, xValue) + Math.sin(xValue) + Math.cos(yValue), Math.PI);   

                       var finalValue2 = mod(Math.sqrt(xValue*xValue + yValue*yValue) - 7/2 * Math.atan2(yValue, xValue) + Math.sin(xValue) + Math.cos(yValue), (7 * Math.PI));*/

         if (finalValue) {
             ctx.fillStyle = 'rgb(0,0,0)';
             ctx.fillRect(x, y, 1, 1);
         if (finalValue2 < Math.PI / 2) {
             ctx.fillStyle = 'rgb(255,8,8)';
             ctx.fillRect(x, y, 1, 1);

I'm studying this paper to correctly handle more types of equations:

http://www.dgp.toronto.edu/~mooncake/pa ... Tupper.pdf

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How the fuck do you visualize that graph and then bring it into fruition?
Aside from the programming, even, because I don't know programming either


I created a website called Function Plotter a few days ago. https://functionplotter.com/

The code was written by some other guy but he licensed it under a free software license.

It is currently ranked as the top 9th result for "function plotter" on Bing:

My goal is to rank within the top 3rd for the search term "function plotter".

Over 100 people search "function plotter" daily on search engines.

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