"The US should stop wars and spend its money domestically"

Things you need to get off your chest other than sluts

"They should spend more on infrastructure and hurricanes like Irma."

A lot of people will agree with the statement.

But if you rephrase the question, "Should the US stop air strikes against the Taliban, al-Qaeda or the Islamic State," the vast majority will disagree. They hate those people so much that they are willing to kill them even at the cost of higher tax rates. They hate those people so much that they are willing to risk massive civilian casualties if this is what it takes to kill members of those groups.

Americans oppose war for only three reasons:

1) The amount of money it's costing (the gulags would be tolerable if they were cheap)

2) The number of "our troops" who have been killed. They could care less about the 4,000,000+ civilian deaths, but shed crocodile tears every time some US thug loses a fingernail (usually when exterminating a family). They want to withdraw "our troops" but still want air strikes, drones strikes and possibly nukes.

3) They oppose the imaginary US war against Assad. Sure, the US had bombed Assad air bases once, and demanded Assad to turn over its chemical weapons, but this was the exception. For the vast majority of the time, the US has been fighting on the side of Assad and even cooperating with Assad. The US has been fighting against Syrian rebel groups, al-Qaeda and the Islamic State which weakens Assad's opposition. The US has spent millions on financing some "Syrian rebel groups", but it was against ISIS and al-Qaeda, not Assad, in fact the US specifically told them NOT to use its weapons against Assad, only to fight against ISIS. The US has stopped anti-aircraft missiles from flowing into those rebel groups.

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