How the diet and lifestyle can influence our genetics

Good day, dear SlutHate community.

As a new member of this forum, I would like to contribute, make new contacts and talk with others about our diet and how it can change the appearance and attractiveness of a person.
To positive or negative.

Since this is my first contribution, I want to contribute something meaningful and share a different website in which a few days ago a great thread has emerged.
It is specifically about people like Weston A. Price, Dr. Axe, Dr. Mike Mew, Sally Fallon and Ramiel Nagel.
In addition to the dangers of breathing through the mouth (especially during childhood and adolescence), amalgam fillings, fluoride, jaw operations (overbite correction, rapid maxillary expansion appliance) and much more.
Maybe it is interesting and helpful for someone.
I have chosen this subforum since I believe that more members are looking at it and I want to reach as many people as possible.
Hope this is okay and does not represent a problem.

Link to the thread:

I wish you a pleasant and beautiful Christmas with your family, relatives and friends.

With best regards,

My main goal is to help other people in a positive way.
I have uploaded eBooks and videos of the mentioned people in my first post, if someone is interested in it:!Ox521S5b!8YfYOVbT66tOCdp4qHllaA
For questions, I am available at any time.

All the best for the whole community.

With best regards,

Nothing to thank for. Your message is appreciated.

I am happy if I can help.
If further nutritional documents are needed, please let me know.
I will do my best to find and upload them.

With best regards,

I do not want to spam, but I noticed recently that the link in my starting contribution no longer exists. For this reason, I would like to share an archived version with the community, since there are perhaps members who have noticed this thread a few hours or days ago and would like to see the information exchange on


For those who already know this: There are new posts about sexual abstinence (semen retention), fasting, breathing techniques by the person called "Wim Hof", urine therapy, psychedelics (especially LSD, DMT) and the importance of helping others (service to others). You can take a look if you are interested.

And I would like to recommend a few food supplements, with which I myself have had good experiences to cure various diseases. Maybe I can help someone.
Cod liver oil and butter oil from the manufacturer "Green Pasture" (recommended by Weston A. Price): ... /index.cfm + ... /index.cfm
=> The cod liver oil of this manufacturer includes a small plastic syringe to measure exactly how much you need. I take 5 mL each day in combination with a tablespoon of butter oil.

- Zinc picolinate:
=> 15 mg after a meal.

- Vitamin D3 + K2:
=> I take 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 every day (preferably in the morning), but I understand that others recommend a lower or higher dose. Please take it with some healthy fat (e.g., coconut oil) as this vitamin is fat soluble.

- Vitamin B12 in tablet form or injections (Methylcobalamin):
=> 1 mg.

- Algae such as spirulina and chlorella: +
=> Due to several amalgam fillings the past few years, I use these two algae to discharge heavy metals from the body. Each day three small plastic spoons of each algae mixed with water in a shaker (best on an empty stomach). With these products, I would pay attention to good quality and not just for a reasonable price. Poor and inferior products can harm health. But please do not misunderstand me. Not everything that is expensive is automatically better. Not everything that is cheap is automatically bad.

- Bentonite clay (+facial mud): +
=> I fill my shaker with half a liter of water every morning and add three small plastic spoons of the bentonite clay, mix it for a few minutes, drink it and wait a few hours until I eat something (such as fruit).
I do this for the detoxification of the body. I apply the facial mud on my face once a week. If you want, you can add apple cider vinegar from the company "Bragg".

In addition, if the necessary money is available, vitamin B6, B3 (niacin), vitamin C. But keep in mind that "real" food is always better than supplements in powder or tablet form.
Please understand this: Some of these food supplements can help, yes. But there are no miracles. The most important is a healthy diet with daily physical exercise.

It is a huge industry that wants to earn money with supplements and general health. Most of these products have absolutely no (positive) effect.

Exactly the same with so-called "superfoods". I've tried many of them over the last few years, no matter how expensive they were. My honest opinion is that these foods are in no way bad or pointless, but they are not necessarily needed either. Nobody is going to be superman, even if it sounds a bit stupid, but I hope you understand what I mean by that.
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