terminate @TheTrews - spends every second thinking about ME

Reminder :

I am the only thing in his pathetic life. There is nothing in this world that he loves more than me.

It's quite pathetic really.

Trews - You're mentally ill. Go back to the mental hospital where you were at before. From that time, when you tried to kill yourself.

You need help

@terminate - You're mentally ill

You never think about anything else ever - only me.

you hate tv, movies and video games - BUT YOU LOVE ME.

I dare you to try something in real life, seriously. 15 ROUNDS will go into your autistic brain.
You've been obsessed with me for the past MONTH. Making thread AFTER THREAD about me. Don't you have anything better to do?
You are a spazz.

Fucking LOL , you've been obsessed with me for the last 2 months, every fucking day.
That's how pathetic you are.

Go take some more creepshots of polish-paki couples, you aspie autist. Fucking LOL at your life

You're a spastic. You've been obsessed with me for MONTHS. You're mentally ill

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