Elliot Rodger 2000 is angry that Hillary lost

He made posts on Lookism. he posted about it, about wanting Trump to lose. I would link to the threads, but lookism is currently down. @Elliot Rodger 2000 admitted to attending a cry in I believe.

lol that's all you ever did, right from the start.

You make up stories and lies, and keep trolling. You're pathetic. All you do is think about me every single second of every single day. You have no life. I feel sorry for you.

I voted trump you fucking spastic.

@TheTrews - Go BACK to the mental hospital where you were at before. From that time, when you tried to kill yourself.

Calling a white person chinese and indian every day isn't going to solve any of the problems in your pathetic life. FUCKING LOL

Trews - You're mentally ill.

Go take some more creepshots of polish-paki couples, you aspie, miserable CUNT.

you've been obsessed with me every second of your life for the last 2 fucking months ! LOL YOU'RE PATHETIC !!

Don't you feel embarrassed? I feel sorry for you.

You need help

@Elliot Rodger 2000 I hear reddit is nice. If you want a Hillary hug box, you should go there.

I've never been on reddit. But I bet you have. You're so in love with me that you ignore the rest of the world.

You're mentally ill

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