Mr. Z- is Elliot Rodger 2000 schizophrenic?

I've been reading some of his posts and it"s really starting to creep me out.

Why is it that he has to come running behind me, every time I post? Asking to meet me on tinychat? ER2000- Please stop being so obsessed with me, you homoerotic sperg.

Elliot's rampage wasn't staged and you know it. Do you realize how much you are embarrassing yourself? Saying "DURR it was a STAGED EVENT for gun control". Real people were affected.
@Elliot Rodger 2000; You belong in a straight jacket. You need to be medicated, I suspect you are a schizophrenic.

@terminate - You're mentally ill

Go back to the mental hospital you were at before. From that time, when you tried to kill yourself.

You need help. You've been obsessed with me for about 2 months. I don't care if we disagree on obvious staged events for gun control. You are completely insane for being obsessed with that. You have no life.

@terminate - You're mentally ill

You belong in a sanitarium.

Go back to that mental hospital, where you were at before. You know, from that time when you tried to kill yourself.

You need help. Everyday you've been obsessively talking about some disagreement from 2 fucking months ago.
No one cares. But you're still obsessed over that.

@terminate - YOU'RE MENTALLY ILL

A randomly selected humanoid has in the area of a 90%-95% chance of being schizophrenic I would say, so there is a high probability that he is indeed. However, that degree of prevalence is in the general population of humanoid lifeforms. On forums such as sluthate, there are significantly fewer schizophrenics. I cannot say with certainty if he is a schizophrenic or not yet, nor whether any hypothetical schizophrenia manifesting in him is of the convergent or divergent sort.

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