@Elliot Rodger 2000; You belong in a straight jacket.

Your obsession with me is unhealthy. Not for a week, not 2 weeks, but a whole MONTH you have been at this.
You need to be medicated, I suspect you are a schizophrenic.

I daily carry a M&P9, I'm not scared for my safety at all.

Honestly It is for your own good, PLEASE seek help. You need to see a shrink. If you attempt to approach me in real life- I will gun you down.

This is for your own sake that I tell you to SEEK HELP before you muster up the courage to try something offline. It will end badly for you.

@terminate - You're mentally ill

You belong in a sanitarium.

Go back to that mental hospital, where you were at before. You know, from that time when you tried to kill yourself.

You need help. Everyday you've been obsessively talking about some disagreement from 2 fucking months ago.
No one cares. But you're still obsessed over that.

@terminate - YOU'RE MENTALLY ILL

You are a deeply pathetic subhuman. You've been obsessed with me for 2 fucking months, just because we disagree on some OBVIOUS, political staged event.

You are fucking RIDICULOUS ! You're MENTALLY ILL

Elliot's rampage wasn't staged and you know it. Do you realize how much you are embarrassing yourself? Saying "DURR it was a STAGED EVENT for gun control". Real people were affected.
You belong in a straight jacket. You need to be medicated, I suspect you are a schizophrenic.

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