Elliot Rodger 2000- Shitskin hindu coper

You are an INCEL paki+indian mix. A nigger has WAYYY more value than you and you know it.
Yet you, as an indian, have made of all those white nationalists posts. Do you have no self awareness?

You belong in a group home, you are AUTISTIC.
Don't you feel embarrassed for yourself?

Go edit that screenshot of the shoutbox, you'll feel better.

Calling me "yung fet", and chinese and indian every day for 2 months doesn't bother me.

@terminate - You're mentally ill

Go back to that mental hospital where you were at before. From that time when you tried to kill yourself.

You need help.

You've been obsessed with me every day of your pathetic life for the last 2 months. Aren't you embarrassed?

Stop embarrassing yourself. You are an INCEL paki+indian mix. There is likely no word in the english language that adequately describes you, but "subhuman" would be a good start.

GENETIC SHIT wrote:Stop you two? why do you hate each other?

basically he liked my posts, said he found them entertaining. I also liked some of his threads.

But we disagreed on 2 things : ER being a staged event.
and also, I rated white women out of 10 on tyger's threads.

He was so deeply traumatized by those 2 disagreements - he never had an independent thought ever again, ever since.

All his thoughts were about me, and me only, from that point onward. Every second of every day he thinks about me, for the last 2 months.

All I did was send him some friendly pm's, but he was always being a cunt, for no reason, right from the start.

Basically he said : trolling is fun.

he also said : he is a sadist.

he also said : he's mentally ill and tried to kill himself, he went to mental hospital.

He never thought about anything else other than me, ever since the disagreement.

Lies, lies, and more lies. You just can't stop lying, you insufferable CUNT. You've been obsessed with me for the past MONTH. Making thread AFTER THREAD about me, and spreading lies, like in this thread.

Don't you have anything better to do? Why are you so obsessed? Is it because I exposed you?

It is you who can't stop lying. You're a stupid, pathetic, miserable fucking CUNT.

You've been obsessed with me for 2 months. All your pathetic lies, calling me "yung fet", chinese and indian every day. I don't care if you call me chinese, you spastic. When will you understand that?

When the truth is, you're hurt because we disagreed on something 2 months ago.
So you cope by calling me "yung fet" . You're mentally ill.

Just admit it, you've done nothing but think about me 24-7. You have no life.

Just go back to the mental hospital already - WHERE YOU BELONG.

Who is yung fet even? You're detached from reality, I suggest you see a shrink.

You kept calling me Yung fet , you kept calling me eurasian etc , don't pretend you don't remember, you miserable fucking CUNT.

God, all you do is lie all the time.

You're pathetic. You're so mentally ill

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