@terminate = polish-paki couple photographer (TheTrews)

Go take some more creepshots of polish-paki couples, you aspie autist !

Fucking LOL !

Your life revolves around me. Without me, you have nothing. You've been obsessed with me every second of everyday for the last 2 months ! You have absolutely NO LIFE !

I'm the only thing on your mind - EVER !

@terminate - You're mentally ILL

You HATE ALL tv shows, movies AND video games in the ENTIRE WORLD.


Fucking LOL at your pathetic, meaningless existence, you pathetic miserable CUNT.

You're mentally ill

Get your camera, you aspie autist ! Fucking LOL at your life !!

@terminate - You're mentally ill.

You belong in a sanitarium - PERMANENTLY

Shitskin hindu cope. I dare you to try something in real life, seriously. 15 ROUNDS will go into your autistic brain. Try me, you stupid CUNT. I would be doing you a favor.
You've been obsessed with me for the past MONTH. Making thread AFTER THREAD about me. Don't you feel embarrassed?

You won't shoot anyone, you'll just FART and LIE with your TURD BRAIN.

You've been obsessed with me for 2 months, every day, talking about how we disagree on obvious staged event.


I don't care if we disagree. But you're obsessed with that. You belong in a sanitarium

Get your camera, you aspie autist .

Being obsessed with me every second of every day for the past 2 months is pathetic. Just get your camera already.

Or go back to the mental hospital - WHERE YOU BELONG, you miserable CUNT

You are an autist. Asking me to meet you on tinychat, what kind of creepy and homoerotic sperg are you?

I've been reading your posts and it"s really starting to creep me out, Please consider finding the tallest building near you and jumping off it. For the betterment of humanity. We have enough conspiratards.

Elliot's rampage wasn't staged and you know it. Do you realize how much you are embarrassing yourself? Saying "DURR it was a STAGED EVENT for gun control". Real people were affected. You belong in a straight jacket.

You talk tough on here, but if you tried anything in real life you would be PUT DOWN and you know it, you fucking spazz.
15 FUCKING ROUNDS, would go straight into your autistic, dysfunctional brain. And no one would even care, I'd get away with it through self defense. Not one person would go to your funeral, you sperg.

The funny thing is, I don't know why you are so obsessed with me? What is it you're trying to accomplish? Do you have nothing better to do? What I'm trying to ask is, WHY THE FUCK ARE are you such an insufferable prick towards me? What did I happen to do that piqued your interest?

This is quite frankly getting strange and creepy on your part.
Asking to meet me on tinychat? Please stop being so obsessed with me, you homoerotic sperg.

You've spent not the past week, not the past 3 weeks, but the past MONTH completely and utterly infatuated with me, to no fault of my own. Don't you feel embarrassed?

i swear this forum is full of some of the LEGIT weirdest fucks

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