Elliot's rampage wasn't staged and you know it. Do you realize how much you are making a fool of yourself? Claiming it was a "staged political event for gun control". Real people were affected. Maybe you should try reading something other than /r/conspiracy for once.
Is that all you do in your free time? Come up with and read about conspiracy theories? Let me guess, next you will say the moon landing was a hoax? Or that the holocaust never happened?

You insufferable CUNT, don't you feel embarrassed?

it was staged. You're just a bluepilled sheep. You're deeply pathetic, you've been obsessed over this for the last 2 months. Every second of every day you've been obsessed with me, over this disagreement.

You're pathetic. You have nothing in your life except me. I feel sorry for you. You belong in a sanitarium.

You CAN'T get a woman, you HATE tv and video games, but you're MADLY IN LOVE with me.

You're mentally ill. You're a pathetic , MISERABLE CUNT.

Go back to that mental hospital, from that time when you tried to kill yourself.

You need help

You've spent the past MONTH, doing nothing but creating threads about me, searching through my post history, and accusing me of being his or her alt.

Don't you have anything better to do? Who will you accuse me of being next?, mrz? victory? You are the most delusional post here by far, you stupid CUNT. I don't even have photoshop, why would I edit a photo?

I am convinced that you suffer from paranoid delusions of persecution, saying that I photoshopped that image. Seek help. Your obsession is beginning to get plain unhealthy at this point.

@terminate - You just spent 2 months being obsessed with me EVERY SINGLE SECOND, of EVERY SINGLE DAY of your PATHETIC LIFE.

Fucking LOL at you. Just because of a simple disagreement. You are a pathetic miserable CUNT !
Always have been.

You're mentally ill.

I never said anything about mrz etc. You're the one who's been calling me "yung fet" ,etc, etc. You're pathetic.

Go clean your STICKY EARS, you aspie autist. Your obsession with me is pathetic. It's tragic

I feel sorry for you.

You belong in a sanitarium

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