Elliot Rodger 2000- Tough talking autistic shitposter

You talk tough on here, but if you tried anything it real life you would be PUT DOWN and you know it, you fucking spazz.
The funny thing is, I don't know why you are so obsessed with me? What is it you're trying to accomplish? Do you have nothing better to do? What I'm trying to ask is, WHY THE FUCK ARE are you such an insufferable prick towards me? What did I happen to do that piqued your interest? This is quite frankly getting strange and creepy on your part.

You've spent not the past week, not the past 3 weeks, but the past MONTH completely and utterly infatuated with me, to no fault of my own. Don't you feel any embarrassment?

In real life you wouldn't stand a chance against me, you aspie autist. Fucking lol at your life.

You won't shoot anything but FARTS and LIES out of your autistic TURD BRAIN.

You've been completely and utterly obsessed with me for the last 8 weeks in a row. All you ever do is think about me, nothing else.
You don't have any life of any kind - that's why you were always eager, waiting for me to come online, so that you could shit post and argue endlessly, and keep lying all the time. Calling me "yung fet" and chinese, eurasian, indian, etc.

You're so ashamed of yourself that you won't even admit that it's you who took all those pics of polish-paki couples. You're so embarrassed.

You're a pathetic , miserable fucking CUNT. You've never once thought about ANYTHING other than me, over the last 2 months.

You HATE tv shows, you HATE movies, you HATE video games, you CAN'T get a woman....


Fucking lol. You're MENTALLY ILL. I feel sorry for you.

I'm obviously the ONLY THING in your pathetic life

You are a confirmed Shitskin Hindu Coper, so again stop being such a tough talker. Try me, you stupid CUNT. And see what happens. I personally invite you to my state, PM me and we can make arrangements.

After all you've been obsessed with me for the past MONTH. Making thread AFTER THREAD about me. This obsession of yours runs deep. I noticed earlier that the MINUTE I logged in, and made a post, you immediately came online and made a response. Don't you think that's creepy, or strange? Do you even feel embarrassed?

You won't shoot anything but FARTS and LIES out of your autistic TURD BRAIN.
In real life I would fuck you up.

Go edit that screenshot of the shoutbox, you'll feel better.

Calling me "yung fet", and chinese and indian every day for 2 months doesn't bother me.

You've been obsessed just cos we disagree from something that we talked about 2 months ago. You're insane.

@terminate - You're mentally ill

Go back to that mental hospital where you were at before. From that time when you tried to kill yourself.

You need help

I'm the ONLY thing in your pathetic meaningless life.

REMEMBER THAT. Let that sink in

You can't get a woman, you hate ALL tv shows , movies and video games on the ENTIRE PLANET. But you LOOOOOOOOVE me more than anything in the world.

Fucking lol at your life. You belong in a sanitarium

I don't even know what a "yung fet" is. Why are you so autistic? Were you dropped on your head?

That's probably where you get the idea the Isla Vista was a, "Staged political event for gun control". LOL! Please, for the betterment of humanity, find the tallest building near you and jump off the top of it.

You've obsessed with me for the last 2 months, non-stop. Just because we disagree on staged event.

You're a fucking SPASTIC. You're totally subhuman. You're just a pathetic, miserable CUNT. ALWAYS HAVE BEEN.

You won't shoot anything, apart from FARTS and LIES from your autistic aspie TURD BRAIN.

You're a COWARD.

No one cares but you, you're obsessed over that disagreement. You're mentally ILL

Get help NOW

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