Elliot 'Put him in a Straightjacket' Rodger 2000

You are an INCEL paki+indian subhuman. You have no standing, honestly it would be best for you to be tucked away in a padded room, wearing a straight jacket and given food through a slot. Death would be considered merciful for a sperg like you.

You've been posting about me for a MONTH now, don't you have anything better to do? Please, find the tallest building near you and take a leap off it. For the betterment of humanity.

Go edit that screenshot of the shoutbox, you'll feel better.

Calling me "yung fet", and chinese and indian every day for 2 months doesn't bother me.

You've been obsessed just cos we disagree from something that we talked about 2 months ago. You're insane.

@terminate - You're mentally ill

Go back to that mental hospital where you were at before. From that time when you tried to kill yourself.

You need help

I'm the ONLY thing in your pathetic meaningless life.

REMEMBER THAT. Let that sink in

You can't get a woman, you hate ALL tv shows , movies and video games on the ENTIRE PLANET. But you LOOOOOOOOVE me more than anything in the world.

Fucking lol at your life. You belong in a sanitarium

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