Elliot 'I get rejected by hookers' Rodger 2000

You simply can't keep up with me. I'm intellectually superior to you, how does that make you feel? Don't you feel ashamed of yourself?

Maybe if you spent the past MONTH not constantly making posts about me, you would be less autistic. And maybe you would have to resort to lying, and making up stories less often? Your brain is toasted.

At this point I'm honestly starting to feel pity for you, I'm clearly the only thing in your life.

Try to buy a hooker again, maybe you won't get rejected for being an indian hindu this time, the way you told me you were over pm before? There's a chance, 3rd times the charm. It might make you feel better.

@Elliot Rodger 2000- Also; I don't even know what a "yung fet" is. Why are you so autistic? Why do you keep accusing me of being these other strange pseudonyms? Were you dropped on your head?

That's probably where you get the idea the Isla Vista was a, "Staged political event for gun control". LOL! Please, for the betterment of humanity, find the tallest building near you and jump off the top of it.

You are inferior in every way. You have been obsessed with me for 8 weeks, whereas I told you countless times, I don't care if we disagree. I can look passed that. BUT YOU CAN'T.

You're an inferior organism.

Go ahead and talk about guns and death threats. You're pathetic. You hate TV and video games, YOU CAN'T GET A WOMAN, BUT YOU'RE MADLY IN LOVE WITH ME.

Fucking lol at your life. You're a pathetic, miserable fucking CUNT.

You're mentally ill.

Go ahead and call me yung fet and eurasian. I don't care, you aspie retard.

Go ahead and talk about the staged event , I don't care, you fucking spastic.

Kill yourself with your gun already, if you're so miserable

It's you who had to resort to lying. You 've been editing that pic of the shoutbox, etc, you've been obsessed with me for 8 weeks in a row.


Keep talking big, but I'll gun you down if you approach me in person, you insufferable CUNT.

I dare you to try something in real life, seriously. 15 ROUNDS will go into your autistic brain.

You've been obsessed with me for the past MONTH. Making thread AFTER THREAD about me. Don't you have anything better to do?

You brain should be donated to science, for Autism research. Assuming the medication hasn't already turned it into something that resembles swiss cheese.

You won't shoot anything but FARTS and LIES out of your autistic TURD BRAIN

You've been obsessed with me for 2 months.

@terminate - You're mentally ill

Go back to that mental hospital where you were at before. From that time when you tried to kill yourself.

You need help

I'm the ONLY thing in your pathetic meaningless life.

REMEMBER THAT. Let that sink in

You can't get a woman, you hate ALL tv shows , movies and video games on the ENTIRE PLANET. But you LOOOOOOOOVE me more than anything in the world.

Fucking lol at your life. You belong in a sanitarium

Again with the same rebuttals, you simply can't keep up with me. I'm intellectually superior to you in EVERY WAY. How does that make you feel? Don't you feel ashamed of yourself?

All you do is copy my words and lie.

You cope by saying I voted for hillary. You're truly pathetic.

Get your gun, and yourself in the skull, you pathetic miserable fucking CUNT

You voted for Hillary and you know it- you posted about it. You made a post about it on Lookism before it went down.
Sad honestly, how low are you willing to go? Is there ANYTHING you won't lie about? You have no dignity.

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