@Elliot Rodger 2000- kill yourself

You are an INCEL paki+indian mix. There is likely no word in the english language that adequately describes you, but "subhuman" would be a good start.

You've spent not the past week, not the past 3 weeks, but the past MONTH completely and utterly infatuated with me. Repeatedly negging me on your 100s of alts over petty disagreements that I've long forgotten about, and sending me weird PM's that I don't know the meaning, nor the purpose of, out of nowhere.

I've done nothing to incite this reaction out of you. It's very strange and creepy on your part.

Don't you even feel embarrassed, being exposed like this? You aspie CUNT.
Please, for the betterment of humanity, take a GUN and SHOOT YOURSELF in the head.

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