My body calculation 13% bf

Enjoy I'm a God among mortals

OHP BRB 55 lbs for 20 reps
Hammer curl 10 lbs dumb bell
Barbell curl 55 lbs for 20 reps
Upright row 55 lbs for 20 reps
Knee pushups 10 to 15 in a row
Tricep pushups same
20170401_142234.png (133.35 KiB) Viewed 331 times
Proud pedophile crew
Jailbait crew
Narcissism crew
ASPD crew
Got away with DUI and no insurance crew
Shit fetish crew
Bisexual crew
Shemale crew
Male model and fitness athlete crew
Cocaine and Weed crew
Proud animal abuser crew
Beat up my girlfriend crew
Get away with everything because cops are liberal pussies crew.

Laycount increases everyday lost count at 24.
8" x 6" dick
18" neck
36" waist
240 lbs: 207 lbs lean mass, 32 lbs fat 13.45% bodyfat
91 lbs OHP
55 lbs Barbell curl
20 lbs Hammer curl
10 pushups on my knees
30 years old
Bald crew

I <3 JB



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