If you want a dialogue why you ignoring me for

You spam threads about me to piss me off or get my attention did you ignore me.

I said last time I would quit sluthate atop posting your pictures please stop spamming mine and you didn't.

Memes, calling me ugly or loser etc you did that already but I want my past here to die permanently for good. I want all my posts and pictures gone. So let it die.

Why won't you? What's so great or funny about me you need to keep making a 100 threads a day about me where no one else but you responds to.

If you make a page about me on ED or kiwifarms or knowyourmeme it'll either get deleted or won't be pursued because I'm not that interesting.

I did alot of stupid shit I wish I didn't but I don't want to be a part of the PSL community anymore let it all die please.

That's what I want. Stop spamming my picture, bumping my old threads, etc

I'll agree to your demands as well. But it pisses me off you won't let Gymcel and kid incel rest in peace. It's my past I don't Gymcel I don't make.music I don't post on psl I'm a new man

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