I want to offer a public apology to the forum

First, I'm not spamming my picture everywhere someone else here is. The associated story happened when I was very depressed and not thinking straight. Almost all of this fall I was mentally ill until late spring.

I want you all to know I did not spend any of it on drugs after. I went to Vietnam for over a month but came back. I am going to save to go back and hopefully try and relocate permanently in Asia.

My girlfriend and I are planning for marriage and family etc.

So my past of gymceling, being mentally unhinged etc is all over now.

So I apologize to anyone I've wrong but plus let my photos and stories of my past die now. I want to move on.

I am a new person and continue to try and be better person. Not by working out or drinking myself to death etc but by actually improving my mental health and letting everything else fall into place.

I offer everyone an apology if I crossed you. I will not give in to demands or threats. I will refrain from engaging in similar behaviors online of doxing etc
If it crosses the line I am prepared to go to the police or hire a lawyer. So please refrain. I apologize but stop.

Thank you.

what do you think the police would do? im not a cybercriminal as far as i know and everything i do is perfectly legal.

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