RED PILL: Do not touch your face (avoid it)

Red Pill wrote:
It is feminine. It creates (if you touch) a weak feeling (in the long term chitty hormonal levels).

Just do not do it, even when you are trying to get some sleep. You can support some places in the cranium area with hands, but this is it. Nothing more!


If you really have to collect yourself:

What you can always do:

King Kong wrote:
Good example: Calming, protective bodylanguage:

You have to calm yourself. We do understand it. CYS (Calm YourSelf).

Bodylanguage is no bogus, it gives valid clues in social settings (unless high lever faker is in action). Even more important it does change how you feel. & if you make yourself feel like feminine fag it will dmage your hormonal levels sooner or later.

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