MK-ULTRA activation program

When green is red and red is blue
What's a little gemstone supposed to do
The colors get all mixed up inside the head

Alice is in Wonderland, Dorothy is over the rainbow
Trying to find the broken pieces of her mirror
So she can see who she really is

MK-ULTRA activation code Alpha tango fiver beta miner six miner

Focus on the key word


The target is Britney Spears

She must be thrown from the Freedom Train

Further viewing on this topic, so legit.

Ariane Grande is the latest Cultural Marxist, mindless, perverted sex whore to follow this path (notice the cat ears).


She hates America (hence spitting on a donut decorated with the American flag).

She is a whore at the centre of that Manchester "bombing" UK hoax leading to predictive programming and dick sucking ethnics and Chavs.

Oh and she is a mudshark who faked a relationship with B̶i̶g̶ Little Sean with his 6 inch pecker. Just because she has the undeveloped body of a 12 year old doesn't mean her Little Black Cock boyfriend has a package.
Notice the "hand plate" gesture on his chest. She was told to stand with this guy, otherwise she likes white cock like every other woman.
Globalist propagandist whore.


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