i cured a stage 2 lung cancer within 3 days with a natural eastern herb/substance.

I also cured a hardcore high-dose long-term opiate addiction within 3 days with the same substance, and with almost 0 withdrawl effects.

i am DEATH-proof. Even GOD cannot kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good god, this shit works. I should be experiencing flu-like symptoms right now. Instead, I am barely feeling anything. This herb/substance has reduced the withdrawl symptoms and time frame by like 90%.

inceljoshua wrote:u really got lung cancer or this is another one of ur jokes?

That was in 2015. Cured within 5 days.

Currently on day 3 of opiate withdrawal and the symptoms are 90% less with this eastern substance I am taking. Yesterday was the worst but it wasn't bad at all. Tomorrow it should be finished.

Oh yeah this stuff also increases your semen production. I've jacked off 6 times in the last 24 hours.

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