Atlanta would be a nice landing spot for Lee as well

Former Nebraska football quarterback Tanner Lee had an NFL visit this week and it could be for a team where he would be quite the fit.
While Nebraska football fans don’t always have a lot of love for Tanner Lee, NFL scouts seem to be intrigued by him. Not only did he get invited to the Senior Bowl despite the fact that he wasn’t really a senior, but he also go an invite to the NFL combine.

While he didn’t have a great performance at that combine Nick Williams Jersey, it appears there are some people who think he still has the intangibles that would make him a pretty good backup quarterback.
It appears that some of the people who think that are on the Atlanta Falcons. Lee visited the Falcons on Monday.
It’s pretty clear the Falcons are not going to be looking to replace their current starting quarterback with Lee, but their backup is now 36 years old. It would make some sense to have someone younger behind Matt Ryan in the current season.
Atlanta would be a nice landing spot for Lee as well. The former Husker would be surrounded by some real offensive weapons and on a team that is likely headed to the playoffs next season.

The question, of course, is whether Atlanta is looking at actually drafting Lee, or whether they are hoping he might be around once they are looking for unsigned free agents.

While Lee has some definite weaknesses, including the fact that he throws interceptions a bit too often, he also has the stature and arm of an NFL quarterback. In fact, if he could find a way to cut down on the turnovers, there is little doubt that he could be a starter for some NFL teams, at least every now and then.
While the Mike Riley era is over , those who played for him are still Cornhuskers. It’s always good to see a former Nebraska football star make a little noise at the next level.

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