Asian Faces look like they are Pan-bashed.

Anything having to do with race, including the attractiveness of races.

Ping pong ting tow ching chang bing dow. Their languages almost confirm it, the events of their genesis echo deep enough into their minds that it bled into their phonetics. And shows on their face. Asians look like they have the profile of a fucking DVD disc. Maybe that's proportional to the fact they like to keep a "low profile". Such sneaky little piss skinned snoots they are.

Genetic canon fodder. In a darwinistic meritocracy, they'd be the laborers.


“I could show fight on natural selection having done and doing more for the progress of civilization than you seem inclined to admit. Remember what risk the nations of Europe ran, not so many centuries ago of being overwhelmed by the Turks, and how ridiculous such an idea now is! The more civilised so-called Caucasian races have beaten the Turkish hollow in the struggle for existence. Looking to the world at no very distant date, what an endless number of the lower races will have been eliminated by the higher civilized races throughout the world.”
― Charles Darwin

"A prevention of the faculty and opportunity to procreate on the part of the physically degenerate and mentally sick, over the period of only six hundred years, would not only free humanity from an immeasurable misfortune, but would lead to a recovery which today seems scarcely conceivable."
― Adolf Hitler

"The way of nature has always been to slay the hindmost, and there is still no other way, unless we can prevent those who would become the hindmost being born. It is in the sterilization of failures, and not in the selection of successes for breeding, that the possibility of an improvement of the human stock lies."
― H. G. Wells

"It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind....Three generations of imbeciles are enough."
― U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., Buck v. Bell, 1927

Eugenicist = the first to go if eugenics were implemented
victim count : 40

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O Gandy lend me your protection from this inferno
Bless me to emerge as one of your dearest infants
Interdict me from drowning in the abyss of darkness
Turn me into Holy light that brings surety to the masses
Shall I duck the catastrophe would be thanks to you

ConcernedBimbo wrote:Eugenicist = the first to go if eugenics were implemented
Deflecting butthurt subhuman face bashed chink.

ConcernedBimbo wrote:I'm not even Asian.
If you're going to bring the existing condition of facts/ actuality into this (which I assumed you weren't when you said that I would be killed in a Eugenic society when I actually have more value than 99%+ of all of you) then try and help me understand why it's factual/ actual that I would be killed by a Eugenic society?

And you seem Asian because you jump to snooty disparaging assumptions even if it contradicts reality. God took his pan and bashed your faces in with a pan. I assume you were one of the chinks who God bammed down to the brain.

If anyone here is jumping to snooty disparaging assumptions even of it contradicts reality, it is you. I'm not Asian.

ConcernedBimbo wrote:If anyone here is jumping to snooty disparaging assumptions even of it contradicts reality, it is you. I'm not Asian.
All I heard was ping pong ting tow. Sry bro. Please dispense another quarter into your squint coin slot eyes and try again.

ConcernedBimbo wrote:I ain't snapping. You're foolish.
prove to me I'd be undone by eugenix boi.

Lol yeah man. I remember even when my own mom mentioned my aunt who looks somewhat asian she said my aunt has a flat pan-like face :lol:
My channel:

Aesthetics Dr Lux wrote:Damn, we are tired of seeing SuperMan and JapanMan in your Sig. Too much to scroll down (ggrrr).

InB4: At least I have a reason for my long Sig -- I got propaganda to disseminate in this Forum.
Gymcel Chronicles wrote:Society creates monsters much like Dr Frankenstein but takes 0 responsibility as normalfags do.
mrz wrote:Some people deserve to die and they should be killed ASAP
nada para fazer wrote:Both tyger and superincel are very bad people


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