BODY SLAMMED! Shitcunts gets a taste of Equality!

Perceived violence, perceived harassment, perceived bullying, perceived abuse, etc.


In a feminist age that clamors for “equality” while simultaneously benefiting from “unequal” standards like “men shouldn’t hit women”, it’s no surprise when videos like today’s surface online.

The viral Twitter video shows a female student shoving a male student, causing him to stumble back and eventually fall on the floor. With an air of invincibility and authority, the aggressive female walks over to the fallen student as if to loom over him and continue taunting.

But the boy, who’s name is apparently “Judah”, was not having it. In one swift move, he stands up, grabs the female bully under the waist, lifts her into the air, and…well...

This is what happens when females start believing in all that stronk womyn bullshit they are fed 24/7
It's open season on men... but some fight back!
Video: ... oving-boy/

Fucking ape.

She barely even shoved him, he basically stumbled from running backwards away from her.

It was completely unwarranted, he reacted way out of proportion.

Not to mention it looks like he is bullying her in the beginning, he's shouting some ebonics at her.

Fucking apes gonna ape.

very nice

but next time i really want to see the piledriver...
pinkunicorn wrote:
Iced Earth wrote:maybe that is a way to force incels to finally buy that site

how can you overthink this?

no both Victory and Poobear are incompetent cerebral narcissists

Poobear spends money and 2 years on tinder to bore fat women to death, when he was asked if he's fun at all he started reciting all sorts of studies and what women should be based on them and that he can't be wrong

V asked me for business advice in pm's and then I pointed out he might need to learn to network with people, learn the basics of finance and cashflow, also sell other stuff face-to-face before even think about owning a business

he told me he knew all of this already and I'm a fkin idiot to even bring this up

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