#1 goal of any negro is to impregnate a white woman

Anything having to do with race, including the attractiveness of races.

They have no greater aspiration on earth than to impregnate a blonde white woman. They don't care about career success, having a good family, making a name for themselves etc. Their only goal is to implant their feral seed in the womb of a white womb. If they can't do this to an adult blonde, they will prey upon the younger generation. They are no above sleeping with 13-15 year olds to achieve this goal. They will oftentimes murder the woman (who was never a human to him, merely a vessel for his fantasies and goals) after she bears his children because the damage is already done at that point (see OJ Simpson and countless others.)

Furthermore, the negro man will only marry a white woman. he will never marry his own kind. however during his youth he will impregnate as many negro women as he can in order to further create an army to destroy the white race by impregnating white women. but this is secondary to his first and foremost goal, impregnate a white woman.

negro psychology 101
You either die an incel or live long enough to become the beta bux

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