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How Trump Can Help Incels
Trump can grab women by their pussy, kiss them and women didn''t complain until it was discovered, despite the allegations he became president.

Antil liberal brainwashing, allegations of rape and discrimination by women need to be questioned and examined critically.

Shame women who creep shame unattractive men that approach. Incels need to be seen as victims and unfortunate people, rather than creeps, but this will most likely not happen in western society

The best way is changing sexual assault and rape laws. Trump can advocate measures changing laws on sexual assault and rape.

1. Not punishing men who touch grope rub up against or forcibly kiss women or making it a finable offense instead of jailable. After all if chads are allowed to do this without consequences why should incels be punished for it. Its about equality.

2. Reclassify women that sleep with more than 50 men as sluts who cannot be raped.

3. Legalize drunk sex, that is if both parties cannot consent but still have sex then it is not rape.

4. Getting females drunk or using roofies to get sex is legal if a condom is used, since STD's cannot be spread, pregnancy does not occur, and no long lasting physical trauma is created.

5. Lowering the age of consent from 18 to 16 in the US, maybe even as low as 14, such as in Portugal.
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The incel dream.
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