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this fucking cunt. she is asian, I am for some reason infatuated with asian broads.
I was outside shoveling snow and she came home at 7am.
I have this odd obsession with her, and all I can think of is that she was out fucking some dude, then had to be home early.
Oneitis sucks man. Sluts fucking suck, who is she fucking? Why does it make me sick to ask these questions. Why the fuck is my brain wired to be so fucking sick and lust after women I don't know, and I simply admire them from a far, and fantasize about how great our life would be together.
In reality she is most likely garbage, not a good match, not the princess I image, but a disease carrying, cock carousel riding, gross labial meat drapes, impatient, self serving, lustful lush type degenerate.

My brain is diseased beyond repair.
Women make me physically ill.

This is like my 5th oneitis. They keep on coming... 3 years is average.

it's a horrible spell to be cast with, especially if they're already married. it's nice in one way because you only have to compete with the husband instead of a bunch of Chads and wealthy beta-providers, but also more dangerous. oneitis is like being addicted to a very powerful and destructive drug.

I think mine is in her 30's with no kids. She is totally post prime, but she is not fat!
My town you have no idea how much of a plus that is.
My god the women in this town are groce.

Even if she was fucking some guy she still probably isnt in a relationship. Just ask her out already bud.

uglykunt wrote:Even if she was fucking some guy she still probably isnt in a relationship. Just ask her out already bud.

I wish... a neihbour can be so far away. Plus I'm socially retarded, and I have severe anxiety.

when I do walk outside I am terrified due do agoraphobia.
if I encountered her I would make a bad impression because my social skills turn into full retard.

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Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

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