Is this guy an aspie?

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LoserFanboy wrote:
ConcernedBimbo wrote:Can someone even tell just by looking at a person?

Very subjective, but it becomes very apparent when they attempt to speak in a social setting, because it should be rare.
Even in this video he could have rehearsed, to make himself look less retarded, he had weeks, months etc, to perfect this video. Hanging out in a bedroom perfecting a video is sign of disasocciation, but not technically aspie.
His limitations are not apparent to the NT eye.

What gives it away exactly?

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He can maintain eye contact, it's a solid clue that he's not. Aspies tend to constantly look away (for something, someone to help them from sinking even deeper).
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Sure, but in my limited experience, aspies can't maintain either. Its quasi equivalent.
Again its just a clue. You'd need to watch him interact with women for a definitive brodiagnosis. I saw sub average NT guys like him interact with girls just fine, of course without getting anywhere near their pants.

Sry guys didn't watch the video.
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Aspies and fapping go hand (heh) in hand i suppose. What you gonna do when you're invisible to females...
And i'm only using aspie as a synonym of socially awkward. And on the limited basis of a foreign language video, this guy seems normal, ie not aspie. Legit autistic disorders can be trickier to spot.

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