14yo sexualized jailbait rapper set to become millionaire

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Society continues to reward and even cultivate girls of non-legal age who act like sluts and adore anti-social behaviors. You’ve already seen it on the streets or have had to witness it in shopping malls, but now it is increasingly being disseminated across the internet. Jailbait 14yo girls is pedophilia and should not be sexualised in anyway way shape or form according to our government, feminists, whiteknights, SJW's etc, yet here we have many people, including adults and parents, who are supporting the sexualization of what are pre-legal pubescent "kids" and adolescent girls towards an audience of mostly young adult men.

This mind-numbing trend has a new poster girl, 14-year-old Danielle Bregoli, a soon-to-be multimillionaire whose mother has hurtled her down a path that may lead to serious drug addictions, pornographic videos, and other malaises by the time she reaches eighteen. This troubled teenager has now released a new rap video celebrating promiscuity, scanty-dressing, sexualized posing / twerking, attention-whoring, and the inability to speak the English language properly (ghettoization). Her video already has over 56 million views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ioilEr3Apw

The signature personality trait of girls like Danielle Bregoli, who are becoming ever more numerous, is a lust for instant gratification, particularly in the form of sexual attention. The need to out-shock and out-viral others ensures ascending levels of slut-like behavior and debauchery. Perhaps the sole things “missing” from Bregoli’s story are rampant drug abuse and a underage sex tape. No doubt she'll have a muscular black urban bad boy boyfriend glamourizing a polished firearm in a video or something. That'll come.

Also what's more ironic is that her biological dad is a cop.

What this girl represents is a perilous social cancer, the effects of which will be more fully understood when her "generation baby boomer 2000" turns, say, 25. The slut culture evident in the present female crop aged 20-40 will eventually be made to look like Choir girl business when contrasted with the Age of Bregoli. Strangely enough, too, when I was a kid in the 80's, Madonna was said to exert a bad influence on pubescent and teenage girls. Like today’s slut culture, however, the Madonna of the 1980s will be seen as comparatively tame if juxtaposed with what 2018 is offering female adolescents.

Suppressed insanity. Ignoring messed-up thoughts. A peaceful mind.
A slim girl to kiss and fuck you? Uhhhhhh nooo
Feels like development rust
Rotting over the top
With no female attention to bring me down

Tied up in Babia
Thinking this is fun
Should be everlasting
But soon becomes dull

So I’m fighting through the crowd. Ignoring total normies. They're lying dead ends.
But then I get this feeling...
A long term ploy
I’m up in the black pill cloud
Not sure how to get back down

Tied up in Babia
Thinking this is fun
Should be everlasting
Resting with no one

Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and cigarette tar combined
Dead and alive
And sounding so sleepy
Unattractive eye area
Start to idolize
I don’t wanna be social

Tied up in Babia
Thinking this is fun
Should be everlasting
But soon becomes dull


Gynocel Cucknicles wrote:
Icecutter101 wrote:no one gives a shit

Ice my man. You laying any new raps?

Dunno dawg, kinda cold here

the cold is numbing my creativity

Something is wrong with this world, it's hard-working CEO's that should be celebrated and revered. :uzi:


Necrotoxic wrote:Something is wrong with this world, it's hard-working CEO's that should be celebrated and revered. :uzi:


Soros will buy all of that :cry:
Life is a whore, just pay your dues and fuck her hard

She got nothing on that swedish jailbait lip synching troupe "> PLAY" (OP's favourite) who got banned from YouTube due to underage sexualised images.

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