i invite u jon

i invite u jon to dialogue with me
this is ur last warning.
i will make a meme out of u if u dont abide.
i will submit you on knowyourmeme.com
first of all id give you an A for ur efforts.
i wanna congratulate u for finding my home address
sikeeeee thats the wrong address bitch
btw here is a little present.
where 9 women aged 18 to 29 rated you

ri1colqsaqnn288o.jpg (17.57 KiB) Viewed 114 times

you dont look smart or even trustworthy. even niggers score much higher than you here. its a shame.
talking about attractiveness you are in the bottom 15%, which means you are a 4/10. nothing new here, everyone knows youre ugly seeing the quality of the gooks u get.

You already did make memes. I already know but don't care about anything psl related. Just stop spamming my picture over and over. I said I'd stop if you did before but you didn't. Also you already made memes about. Also I'm not interesting or funny enough to catch on as a meme. No one will give a shit besides me. And I knew that waant your home address. I did it on purpose.

My email is [email protected]

Stop spamming my picture and blotter story and I'll fuck off too. What's already done is done. If you don't want actual peace between us then we can both keep being childish.

Its always been up to you to stop this and it begins with to not spam my picture and that embarrassing story.

PS I did go to Vietnam and have proof. You can even see if you agree to my conditions.

You stop I stop. We both shake hands and laugh it off.

That's really what I want. But eye for eye. I don't even post on pal anymore besides this cause you keep spamming my photo.

PS I will not and don't want to use rhis site to communicate any terms or conditions.

But if you don't keep your end I'll just keep ddosing memes or not I just want to be forgotten and let all the Gymcel stuff die on this site. My past is done I walked away from.it.

Let's be both civil and drop it all.

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