I am twice the man you are, Jon.

Where is the evidence that demonstrates how I'm liable for reposting your blotters trip report and picture? Though, I will confess that I solely left a comment on those ludicrous threads made by some mysterious users. So, how can you reasonably indict inceljoshua for something inceljoshua didn't do? Don't impose unto others what you wouldn't want unto yourself. As you expected, I'm not going to pretend nothing ensued when I've seen my face exposed all over 8ch.net and Reddit by none other than you. I know you're behind it because I've recognized the particular Galaxy S6 interface in those screenshots, which I know is your device. I am only responding to your incessant harassment since February. It's June now, and this was ongoing for so many months now, and this has yet to stop. It's perhaps time to give up because you don't have issues with me but yourself; you need to seek professional help as I can't help you any further than this. You naturally feel betrayed by me because of your deep hunger to connect with someone alike, and that led you into error as you mistook naive banter for friendship. We never were that close, to begin with; your delusional self is what had led you to become so obsessed with me, I'm not your friend, I never was. The difference between you and me is mental stability, with mine operating at a much higher level. If you weren't so paranoid to escalate things to this magnitude in response to a dull tease, you would have been off in a much better state. However, you didn't, and now you're paying the price. This may be a sign your disease is craving a call for a doctor as it's getting out of hand. You little weasel, shamelessly posing as a victim when you deliberately wronged me fully knowing the risks you're taking. You don't merit any special treatment; I will not grant you a lesser sentence for your crimes and cowardice as I am resolute to punish you duly. If you are so fragile, don't seek trouble although it's too late now, what's done is done. It's hilarious how you reprimand me for being so careless when you impetuously DDoS a website wholly because of me and your selfish sentiments, without a single worry about the members that have zilch to do with you. Knowing this vile act of ignorance didn't come cost-free for you and others only drives me to critique your foolishness further; you never failed to disappoint me, Jon. Not once in my life. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

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