A chink and a Jew

Hmmm okay buddy we get it you wanna be white but your identity is a complete conflicting mess of insecurity of race complex. So hard to impress me, I just remind myself you’re a brown South Asian who is dating a Jewish girl with hairy armpits, that’s pretty impressive faggot. Also nice for saving my pics, I guess you’re really a faggot. Wanna jack off thinking about me? Everything you say about living the slayer life is not credible in the slightest, an autistic hapa subhuman with a Jew gf who has hairy armpits is slaying white 7s and 8s on the regular without money involved? Ask me if the sky is blue and I’ll tell you it’s green. Ask if me if Eugene is an incel, I’ll tell you he’s a slayer. Lol you shitting me? Even your name Eugene is the pinnacle of inceldom.

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