Do you consider Spaniards to be white?

Anything having to do with race, including the attractiveness of races.

chronic4 wrote:
loveblondes wrote:

You clearly have never seen bavarians.. the large chunk of bavarians and Austrians have some sort of lightbrown to dark blond hair... They are definitely lighter haired/blonder and more germanic featured than British people (who tend to heavely lean towards brunette hair and light eyes in average).

Brits and Irish are far more med looking (you can almost always see med strains in their phenotypes) than compared to austrians who are usually faelid, borreby , subnordid and with dinarid and alpinid strains... which give them sometimes a slight slavic vibe which gets even more evident in the case of Austrians.

Bullshit, bullshit and more bullshit. Bavarians are comparable to the Welsh. Blonde hair also =/= germanic. The most blonde country in Europe is not Germanic. Sami are heavily blonde, they are not Germanic. Finns are the most blonde, they are not germanic. Germanic in is a linquistic group, not an ethnicity and you're borderline retarded if you think any nation in Europe is "pure germanic" even Scandinavia has changed much since the viking age what makes you think Germany is considering its location in Europe? Germanic groups, meds, slavs, celts have all been in Germany at one point. Many Bavarians and especially Austrians could fit right in Northern Italy. Even the Welsh on average are lighter pigmented and Brits as a whole fairer than Germany. Brits are the palest people in Europe especially the Irish. The majority of German Americans came from Bavaria and this is what the majority looked like.


Only blondes were mostly children which got much darker with age same as the Welsh. The English and Scottish Americans in general were lighter. What is the obsession with blonde hair? the best looking Brits, Scandinavians and Germans tend to have neutral colors going from brown to darker not blonde. Even blonde Italians tend to look more incel than the brown haired ones.

I live in germany myself and worked in England for 2 years, will you argue with me about what brits and germans look like? In the UK natural blonde hair is rare... I was dating several women back in that time I lived over thereand none were anything close to being blonde, pretty dark hair (usually mousy or darkbrown/black) and pale skin is the norm usually paired with mixed or light eyes..but brown eyes arent uncommon either... In germany the stereotypical tall/blonde people are everywhere (although not as extreme as in Denmark, Sweden or The Netherlands). So I dont care about german-americans (who are usually mixed as hell and ignored their other ancestries or they came from german speaking areas of outside germany, and have only a fraction of german ancestry) but I'm on a daily basis among other germans and can tell you safely that most germans look quite "germanic". Only people like Danes, Dutch,,etc could have a claim that germans are not as "nordic looking" as them and still the north of the country is pretty close to those nations...

English germanic? beatles, rolling stones, deep purple, oasis, check the most famous British bands.. aswell as famous artists rowan atkinson, benny hill, orlando bloom, rusell brand, colin farrell, john terry, leighton baines, joe cole, adam levine, michael carrick, gary cahill, etc I'm not only exclusively talking about being blonde but about the facial features, a guy like tom hardy or christian bale dont look like people from germanic nations (scandinavia, netherlands, germany). Even western slavs have more true germanic blood than britons. A lot of Poles and czech have quite germanic appearance.

Where do you think the English (and brits/Irish in general) took their fierceness from? fighting on bars, loving to compete, etc .. its obvious from the native britons (aka british isles celts), who were quite fierce people... germanics were never like the myth believed.. I dont see scandinavian, dutch or german starting fights on summer holiday towns and islands.. they are more quiet , behave gentle and are civilized. The brits on the other hand love to let everyone known about their presence, are loud, obnoxious, agressive and behave in a loud maneer as if they own the place... But all those things are quite alien to you, since you arent european, nor you live in europe... I deal with modern-day brits on a daily baiss (touristm) ...and you come to post men pictures of 1880 :roll:

Location have nothing to do in europe, its clear you are an american who never been to the continent, in europe you can travel 100 km and see completely different people. Germans are the core nation of germanic countries.
And nobody in hell would consider UK or Ireland as germanic, since their ethnic-make up , physical appearance, mindset, social-dynamics and behaviour is completely different.

I often see insecure americans, australians, canadians (of mainly british ancestry), etc claiming the english to be almost scandinavian looking... they are highly racist in their home nations (against "minorities") and insecure of being considered ethnic compared to true euros hahaha.

I can see in the airport how americans, aussie, canadians and brits are shortarses and dont look germanic. you guys are product of mainly gaelic, picts and other ancient british tribes intermixing for centuries.

Even chris hemsworth who played thor had to bleach his hair and pull a beard to look "viking" when he clearly is the typical aussie of british/Irish ancestry and his roundish face and natural brown/darkbrown hair denote his celtic-ness (Not central european celtic but British isles celt as in native briton)

Many white americans are also hidding their jewish roots, and many have traces of african and native american aswell, so much of their so called whiteness :-D

Yes, actual Spanish from Europe are white, as are Italians. The mexicans that are sometimes considered "Spanish" are part Aztec, not white at all.

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