Involuntary celibacy

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Involuntary celibacy is a term applied to people who want to have sex, but are unable to (usually because they are unable to find a willing partner). An involuntarily celibate person is often refered to as being incel.

Incel males are often the target of shaming.

Understanding Incel

Involuntary celibacy or incel is a kind of sexual autism which is a deeply misunderstood condition affecting large numbers of males in our society. It is misunderstood because it is not recognised as a condition at all, but rather a manifestation of other issues. It is deeply misunderstood because of the political response to it by the males who are affects which may range from suicidal despair to misogyny to violence.

Articulation of the political response obscures the underlying psychological issue, which receives scant or no attention by mainstream medical and psychological practitioners. From the perspective of the ordinary person they are kind of mystified. These people are at a sexual buffet - why do they not simply eat? The answer of course is that they are unable to go about it in a socially acceptable way. Understanding the mechanics isn’t the issue. The zone between complete passivity and rape is an an alien one to the incel.

If you are an ordinary person who wants to understand what it’s like to be incel imagine you wake up one day in the body of a gorilla. People go ‘oh my god there is a gorilla loose’ and take you down to the zoo. There are female gorillas in there and you actually experience a physical attraction to them. But if people were to comment “Why doesn’t it make out and mate with the female gorillas” the answer would be that you didn’t know how and were scared. Even knowing the supposed ‘procedure’ as a PUA would advise in a human setting wouldn’t help that much because it would be an alien situation for you. The other gorillas would also be a bit puzzled by your behaviour and probably ignore you, simply treating you as per your physical status relative to them, but without any guidance from your behaviour further than that. You would then be a gorilla incel and no-one would understand why.

Female Incel

Females can not be incel. Women's problem isn't that they can't get a boyfriend, but that they can't get the boyfriend being spoiled by society due to their gender has led them to believe they're entitled to: tall, dark, handsome alpha males.

Vocels and Truecels

A certain percentage of incels might be considered Vocels, or "Voluntary Incels". These are men who could obtain sex if they chose to enter a cuckold/beta provider type relationship with a woman who is facially deformed, obese, and/or of East Asian descent. Many Vocels choose not to take this route and thus remain incel, but may face disdain from other incels who do not have this option to begin with (so-called "Truecels"). In cases when the vocel chooses to enter a relationship with an Asian woman, a Supreme Gentleman may be the result.

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