List of double standards

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  • It is socially acceptable for a woman to hit a man if he offends her, but it is socially unacceptable for a man to hit a woman under any circumstances, even if he is acting in retaliation to a woman slapping him. Examples: [1] [2]
  • Society invests lots of effort into combating women's problem of sexual harassment, yet does virtually nothing to combat men's problem involuntary celibacy
  • It is socially acceptable for women to wear make up to hide facial imperfections, but men who wear make up will be made fun of and be considered to be "gay" or "insecure". Similarly, balding men who try to hide their baldness using a toupee are often ridiculed.
  • A low inhibition male who is unattractive is a "creep", whereas a low inhibition male who is attractive is "confident".
  • It is acceptable and common for short men to be made fun of for their height, but calling a girl "fat" is unacceptable, even though being fat is a choice whereas being short is not.

Quote from TruthSayer

  • Women, even ugly ones, have absolutely insane amounts of power both in the dating and social realm. Men on the other hand are pretty much invisible unless they are in the top 20% in looks, money, and status.
  • A Plain Jane receives more likes of a selfie pic on facebook, more free drinks and presents, more invites to parties, more socially preferential treatment, more approaches by the opposite sex, more friends and social support, in just 1 day... compared to the Average Joe receives over the course of 10 years.
  • Women can literally have the worst manners, be absolutely rude, say the meanest shit about a man's looks or his short stature, or how much of a loser he is, etc., and get completely away with it. If a man, on the other hand, says one rude thing to a woman (such as a comment about her weight), he becomes excommunicated by society and socially reprimanded.
  • Women can humiliate a man by slapping him in public. If a man slaps a woman in public, he goes to jail and his reputation if fucked for life.
  • Women don't have to work a day in their life, marry a man, get bored of him, divorce him, and then take half of his money.
  • Women, even ugly ones, can date a man, get bored of him, dump him or get dumped, and already have 50 dates lined up the next day with decently attractive men. Men get dumped, and maybe get lucky and go on a date 6 months later.
  • A woman just simply has to be average looking to have a fulfilling sex life and to get a decent looking man who commits to her. A man has to be tall, dark, handsome, have a good job, have ambitions, a good personality, social status, good looks (above average doesn't cut it) to have a fulfilling sex life and to get a decent looking woman to commit to him.
  • Everything a woman touches is golden - society always comes to her aid and defends her, even if she is wrong. A man, on the other hand, has to prove his worth and fight for respect in order to gain social approval and support.
  • Women stub their toe and thousands of people come to their aid. Men get drafted into war, lose their limbs, develop PTSD, and no one gives a shit.
Average looking men (and even above looking men) have absolutely no power, no chance. It's like you have to be born with extraordinary looks and work hard every day of your life and achieve amazing goals just to be noticed by the opposite sex. Meanwhile, women just have to cut out the extra couple cupcakes and twinkies they eat and go to the gym 2-3 times more often a week and they have thousands of men interested in them.

— TruthSayer