There is no hypergamy issue, you just got unlucky in life.

Give special attention to sluts, shower compliments to sluts, and put sluts on the pedestal.

We wanna blame feminism, SJWs (social justice warriors), and female hypergamy for the cause of inceldom but the issue is pretty simple. Whether it is due to genetics (being extremely ugly), parenting (helicopter parents or not having a strong father figure), environment (growing up in a conservative shithole), and/or not running into the right people; you missed out.

There are many guys these days throughout the country that go to parties, date girl, fuck girls, have cool friends, enjoy life, and amazing social experience. Most of these guys had parents that at least let them enjoy life and social freedoms plus they were in ideal environments. Environments like a nice rich suburban high school where kids love to party.

A lot of these guys formed bonds through work, fraternity, and sports teams growing up and they had the social experience.

The incels that missed out on that stuff either had parents that were too strict on them (most immigrants), grew up in a conservative shithole where nothing was going on, grew up in a poor part of town, did not run into cool people, and are likely damaged from having missed out on so much in life.

There is no crazy uprising of guys who are being screwed out of today's "hypergamous" society or anything, you just got dealt a really shit hand in your upbringing.

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